US-Army in Germany -Bremerhaven- Theatre

Memories from the past

About 1960 until 1972

All pictures/programs from my own collection



Death Of A Salesman                                                                   November 1962

The Teahouse Of The August Moon                                     February 1963

The Boyfriend                                                                                              May/June 1962

The Innocents                                                                                       date ?

Port City Theatre

Any Wednesday                                                                         October 1970

The Subject Was Roses                                                             March 1971

Night of January 16th                                              February 1972 (?)

Bremerhaven American High School


Port City Theatre

Our Town                                                               April/May 1972 (?)

Bremerhaven American High School

Mister Co-Ed                                                                    April (?)

I think that’s all I’ve got!

(If  somebody knows a correct date, please let me know)



  1. SUPER!
    Theater und Stück persönlich erlebt
    Weiter so!

  2. Hervorragend, Klasse!

  3. I think your 1972 date for the Our Town production must be correct, with a tiny chance of 1973 instead. I was at Bremerhaven American High School 1968-1971 and I recognize many of my classmates‘ names, and two of my teachers‘ names, including Jean Kovac who was one of my English teachers. The production of Our Town didn’t happen in Spring 1971 (I would have been involved!) but must have been very shortly thereafter.

    The Mister Co-Ed production, though, I recognize no names at all and must have been several years‘ removed from then.

    • Randy Turner, Carolyn Ophus, and I (Bob Keenum) were in the class of 1971. I clearly remember the production in my senior year when I was working at the base radio station and credited with radio publicity. Jean Kovac is one of the reasons I became an English teacher. Over forty years later and she still gets quoted in my class.

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